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Find Nurse Authors

This guide suggests methods to find articles writted by nurses.

Using CINAHL to find Nurse Authors

Looking for research articles articles written by nurses? CINAHL (Cumulative Index to Nursing and Allied Health Literature) can help. It has limits for Research articles. It also has limits for "First Author Nurse" "Any Author is a Nurse."


1) Click the "Advanced Search" option below the search bar. screenshot of cinahl database with yellow arrow pointing to advanced search

2) Type in your keywords from your research topic.

3) Scroll down a bit and select "first author is nurse" or "any author is nurse." You may want to start with "any author is nurse" for the most results.

cinahl database screenshot with yellow arrows pointing to author as nurse check boxes.

Nursing Allied Health: FInd Articles Authored by Nurses

In the Nursing & Allied Health Database, you can search for articles by a nurse by searching "RN" or other nursing degree credentials (FNP, DNP, MSN, APRN, etc.)

1) Click on "advanced search."

2) Select the "anywhere" drop down and select "Author-AU." screenshot of nursing allied health database search using RN as an author affliation

3) In the corresponding search field, type in nursing credentials like "RN." Or try searching "nursing" since other countries have different nursing credentials or put it all together using "OR."  Example: (nursing OR RN OR MSN)

Screenshot of search results list, 188 results with highlights of author affliation RN

Pubmed: Find Articles Authored by Nurses

In Pubmed, you can search the author's affiliation, as in where the author teaches or the author's degree credentials. 

1) Select "Advanced Search."

2) Type in your keywords in to one field.

3) In the other field, change "All Fields" to "Affiliation" and type in "RN OR MSN OR DNP OR NURSING." Click search!

screenshot of pubmed advance search limiting to author affiliation

4) When you find an article of interest, click on the title and then select "author affiliation" under the authors' names. Hopefully, you've found a nurse!

Screenshot of pubmed article highlighting author information