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Clinical Skills

Formerly Mosby's Nursing Skills

SMU link to Clinical Skills

Click the link below to access Clinical Skills:

Clinical Skills is available to all SMU students, however, if you want to take tests and have them graded or have been assigned tests by your instructor, you will need to login to the Clinical Skills site at the top of the page using the username and password provided by your instructor. (This is different than your MySMU login.) 


Clinical Skills -- Searching and navigating skills modules, login for tests, and more . . .

Need help?

For assistance with Clinical Skills at Samuel Merritt University, contact:

Juana Moreno, Library Technician, Oakland Campus

510-879-9200 ext 7369


To contact Elsevier Customer Service directly:

866-344-2088 (North America) Monday-Friday 24/5

Clinical Skills > Mobile Skills

Use Mobile Skills on your smartphone or tablet.

Follow these steps to use the mobile version of Clinical Skills:

1. From a laptop or desktop computer, open Skills. Do not log in.

2. From the browser, email the URL to yourself.

3. From your phone or tablet, find that email and click the link for Skills.

4. Add Skills to your home screen or bookmark it.

5. You can now use Skills on your mobile device.