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Canopy Learn 2.0

Use Canopy to learn medical Spanish

What is Canopy Medical Spanish?

"Canopy Medical Spanish course has a 40-hour curriculum spread into 3 proficiency levels, perfect for all levels of learners from beginners to native speakers. The content is created based on everyday clinical scenarios, covering over 36 medical specialties. The research-validated pedagogy naturally fits into your learning curve to help you truly master it. It also improves your cultural competency more than just learning a language."


Create a Canopy Account

  1. Log in to access the SMU group code:
  2. Create your own profile via this link:
  3. Select “Samuel Merritt University” as your affiliation. (You must enroll using your SMU email address.)
  4. After creating your profile, verify your email address. If you don't receive the email verification message, please check your SMU spam/junk folder. You can start learning after you verify your email address.

Log into Canopy

Go to and click the Log In button on the top right:

canopy log in screenshot with arrow pointing to log in link

Click Log In Onto Canopy 2.0:

Screenshot of log in canopy 2.0 with purple arrow pointing to log in to canopy 2.0

Log in with your SMU email and password, then select "Continue Learning."

canopy continue learning icon green circle with a white pencil

Canopy 1.0

If you already have an account for the original Canopy 1.0 platform and have not completed all three of the modules we recommend you complete whichever module is in progress and start the next module in Canopy 2.0.

Unfortunately, your progress in version 1.0 does not carry over to 2.0. However, you will be able to access your certificate of completion in version 1.0 for any modules you have completed and passed.

Canopy FAQ and Support

Canopy Learn FAQ

For customer support, email