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Academic Writer

Formerly APA Style Central

Guide Attribution

SMU Librarian

Sarah Naumann, MLIS, AHIP


How to Access Academic Writer

What is Academic Writer and Why should I use it?

Academic Writer is APA's authoritative solution offering you a complete digital environment for teaching, learning, and writing academic papers. 

Use the tutorials the same way you would use the APA Style Manual. The writing feature is excellent and offers templates that will help you create perfectly formatted APA style papers.

LEARN: Use the Learning Center to find video quick guides and tutorials to help you get started and refine your research and writing. 
REFERENCE: Use the Reference Center to find tools to assist you with building and managing a reference library. 
WRITE: Use the Writing Center to select an APA Style paper template, collaborate with peers and reviewers, and check your work.


Academic Writer-create your account

1. At the top right of the Academic Writer website, select "Welcome"

2. Use the drop down menu to select "Log In"

3. Select "Create an Account"

4. You do not need to use your SMU email address for the account, but you do need to access the Academic Writer page from the SMU library

APA 7th Edition

APA published the 7th edition style guide 

What's new in Academic Writer?

In addition to style changes from the new 7th edition of the Publication Manual, Academic Writer will also have some new features. Exciting updates include the following:

  • redesigned engaging and interactive tutorials and quick guides for students within the Learn Center, including self-quizzes integrated within tutorials instead of available on separate tabs
  • six additional quick guides covering a range of topics, including one on the common types of student papers that use APA Style
  • the ability to create an annotated bibliography within the Write Center