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SFP Campus Library, Student Guide to Library Services: At the Library

A guide specifically designed to orient new ABSN students to the SFP Campus Library

At Your Service in the Library


CallPod and Juicy Power Stations (charge your mobile devices)


Ear Plugs

Health Education materials

Librarian support

Library Book Return box

Reading Room

Lounge Area


The Information Behind Healing Is @ Your Library

This guide is for new and current SFP campus students who want to learn more about using library services and  resources.  If you need help with something not featured here, please email me with suggestions or questions!

REFERENCE items (i.e. books/videos). These materials are to be used in the center only and are not available for overnight or extended use.

Items in our CIRCULATION and REFERENCE collections do require checkout. Please use the online self checkout form.

DO NOT re-shelve any library items borrowed (Reference/Circulation). This not only causes incorrect shelving, but is also a missed opportunity to track the utilization of our collections.

Get the Most Out of Your Librarian

As your SFP campus librarian, I am available part-time to support your academic success.

In order to get the most out of your library and librarian, please remember to:

  • buy, rent, purchase an online ebook package (Evolve), or adopt your textbooks
  • read your emails from the library which contain important course-specific info
  • be considerate to your colleagues who are studying in the library  - Quiet Zone
  • please keep the back door to classroom 3 closed at all times
  • adhere to the library borrowing and returning procedures
  • create a short-cut on your desktop and/or bookmark/favorite the SFP Campus LibGuide

Throughout the program you are welcome to request the following:

  • 1 hour research group appointments or consultations
  • 1:1 tutoring on how to search and retrieve scholarly information
  • Reference help and support

The "Have You Heard? Health Literacy and Communication Are a Vital Sign" presentation will be offered during "Health Assessment".