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History of Nursing and Theory Resources: General Nursing History & Theory

This guide will help you find books, videos, journal articles and websites on the subject of nursing history.

Online and Streaming Videos

Nursing Education in Video - History of Care: Nursing in America

National Library of Medicine

A Digital Gallery of Nursing Postcards From the Past.

History of Nursing

History of Nursing Online Resources Guide

  A comprehensive guide to the history of nursing.

SMU Library Catalog - Books, Websites and Videos

Search the Library Catalog

This guide is by no means comprehensive. History of nursing is well-represented in the nursing literature and what you are about to find here is only a partial rendering of the many sources on the History of Nursing available through the Samuel Merritt University Library as well as other sources.  For resources not included in this guide, please consult the library's catalog.

Nursing Resources @ SMU - filtered results from the library catalog focused on nursing history.

American Association for the History of Nursing - is a professional organization open to everyone interested in the history of nursing. Samuel Merritt University is an institutional member.

Florence Nightingale

A nurse and statistician

Nursing Theory and Theorists