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Getting Started with Clinical Skills: Clinical Skills (formerly Mosby's)

Formerly Mosby's Nursing Skills

SMU link to Clinical Skills

To access the SMU Library link to Clinical Skills, click the link above.  This resource is available to all SMU students.  If you want to take tests (and have them graded) or have been assigned tests you will need to login to the Clinical Skills site at the top of the page -- this is different than SMU remote access login screen.  If needed, your instructor will inform you of tests and login info.

Need help?

For assistance with Clinical Skills contact:

 Juana Moreno

510-869-6511 x 4693

Mosby's Nursing Skills -- searching and navigating skills modules, login for tests, etc.

This is a quick step-by-step guide with screen shots on how to access, search and login to Mosby's Nursing Skills at SMU.

Learning about Mosby's Nursing Skills

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